Best Practice

SH | Use of thermostatic valves

Due to a missing control device, there is a constant stream

LI | Use of T5 lighting

The old lighting technology consisting of T8 lamps, conventional ballasts and

EL | Use of controlled pumps

In various areas, large pumps with an output between 22 kW

BP | Abwärmenutzung aus der Reifenkochung
PH | Use of waste heat from the tyre vulcanisation

Through the use of two exhaust vapour condensers (vent condensers), a

BP | Abschaltung Druckluftkältetrockner
CA | Switching off the compressed-air refrigeration dryer

The operating time of the refrigeration dryer in the compressed-air generation

BP | Erneuerung der Rolltore
SH | Replacement of the roller shutter doors

The production building has a large number of roller shutter doors,

BP | Umrüstung von Klimaschränken
VE | Conversion of air-conditioned cabinets

The existing fan air-conditioned cabinets in the data processing centre underwent

BP | Einsatz von LED-Beleuchtung
LI | Use of LED lighting

The existing connected load of the lighting in the print centre

BP | Abwärmenutzung Sauerstoffreduktionsanlage
CA | Utilisation of waste heat from the oxygen reduction system

For the purpose of fire protection, the oxygen in the ambient

BP | Stilllegung von Umluftkühlgeräten
VE | Switching off recirculated-air cooling units

In one production area, older recirculated-air cooling units were still used

VE | Optimisation of the air exchange rate

Several production areas were reassessed with regard to the necessary air

VE | Adjustment of the control strategy

Due to changes in the production, it was possible to adjust

VE | Replacement of the ventilation and air conditioning system

The ventilation and air conditioning system in one production area had

PC | Utilisation of waste heat from process cooling

The refrigerating machine is used for preparing process cooling water. As

BP | Abwärmenutzung aus der Klimakälteerzeugung
AC | Utilisation of waste heat from air cooling

By coupling heat exchangers directly to the hot gas line of

BP | Wärmeversorgung durch Holzpellets
CEC | Heat supply with wood pellets

Through the installation of a local heat distribution network on the

CA | Preheating makeup water through waste heat from compressed-air system

The additionally supplied makeup water for generating steam is preheated by

SH | Thermal insulation of large valves

In the central pump station there are shut-off valves and flanges

CA | Air compressors with speed control

Through the use of a highly efficient air compressor with speed