LEEN-classic is suitable for companies and organisations with annual energy costs exceeding €500,000.


10 to 15 companies cooperate over a period of 4 years with the aim to achieve cost efficient energy savings by learning from one another. Fundamental starting points for the joint work are efficiency improvements in cross-cutting technologies (e.g. compressed air, waste heat utilisation, electric drives). Around 4,000 measures were identified in 30 scientifically evaluated networks (more than 300 plants) in Germany, with an average internal rate of return approx. 30% and an average payback period approx. 3 years. The evaluations showed that the companies participating together in the networks increase their energy efficiency about twice as quickly as the German industrial average.

In addition, through their participation in LEEN-classic, you already fulfil the implementation-related parts of DIN EN ISO 50001. We would be glad to accompany you the rest of the way up to certification.

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How you benefit

  • Complete assessment of the savings potential in cross-cutting and selected process technologies
  • Economic evaluation of the savings potential (internal rate of return, net present value, payback)
  • Moderated exchange of experiences (4 years)
    • Development of an information network for pooling know-how
    • Professional moderation of the entire process
    • Exchange of experiences regarding the implementation of measures by the participants
    • Training of employees
    • Quality-approved experts (no promotional lectures)
    • Continuous support via a hotline
  • Entry into certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Credible and authentic PR activities


Best Practice

The following are examples of best practice implemented in energy efficiency networks.

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Licensed use of the LEEN Management System

The use of the LEEN Management System and its components is subject to certain terms of use.

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If you are interested, just call us at +49 (0) 721 961 449 0 or send us an e-mail to info@leen.de.


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