LEEN-kommunal is suitable for municipalities with annual energy costs between €150,000 and €2 million or a population of 5,000 to 200,000.


LEEN-kommunal runs for 3.5 years and adapts the LEEN concept to municipalities. During this time, the municipalities are supported by a LEEN-certified moderator and consultant engineer The network activities start with the identification and assessment of the savings potential (Phase 1) in the municipal properties (e.g. lighting, building insulation, heating systems, air conditioning). Here the consultant engineer works closely with the persons in the municipality responsible for energy and climate protection. This way, an implementation-oriented report on the energy review is compiled reflecting the entire energy situation of the municipality; this report is then presented to the mayor and the municipal council. The reports of all municipalities then serve as the basis for the CO2 and savings goal to be set by the municipal energy efficiency network:

“In the next 3 years, we will jointly achieve savings of x% for energy and y% for CO2.”

The network phase (Phase 2) serves both the implementation of measures and, particularly, the exchange of experiences. The network meetings are normally attended by the persons in charge of climate protection and energy matters in the municipalities (e.g. employees of building departments, facility managers). The objective is to report on measures implemented in the individual municipalities and thus learn from one another. In addition, at the network meetings external experts impart practical knowledge ranging from technical aspects, funding and financing opportunities up to joint procurement.

The network also includes further training for facility managers (e.g. on heating technology, control technology, profitability calculations for energy efficiency measures). This training is provided separately. It is also possible to introduce the topic of energy efficiency together with the moderator and the consultant engineer within the scope of project days at schools and nursery schools. The moderator and the consultant engineer are also available beyond the network meetings throughout the entire term of the network to answer questions that the responsible persons from the municipalities may have concerning implementation.

How you benefit

Throughout the term, the municipalities in the network receive:

  • Economic evaluation of the savings potential (internal rate of return, net present value, payback period)
  • An annual monitoring (transparency regarding the savings effects of the implemented measures)
  • Development of an information network
    • Exchange of experiences regarding the implementation of measures
    • Training for municipal employees (e.g. facility managers)
    • Access to external experts
    • Continuous support via a hotline
  • Credible and authentic PR activities


Licensed use of the LEEN Management System

The use of the LEEN Management System and its components is subject to certain terms of use.

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