Phase 0 | Acquisition


The acquisition phase

Acquisition refers to the period prior to the kick-off event of the network. The initiator establishes the network and recruits suitable participants through information events, individual talks and existing structures. The objective is to obtain a letter of intent or, better still, a signed contract for participation in the network. Usually the initiator later on becomes the network host. If this is not the case, the network host should be introduced to the participants as soon as possible and have their complete confidence.

The prospect of achieving an operational profit is also a decisive factor for the companies involved. Furthermore, a common denominator for the cooperation in the network must be found when participants are selected. Therefore, the following framework conditions for classical LEEN networks have to be taken into consideration:

  • Annual operational energy costs of at least €500,000 (usually starting from approximately 150 employees and an annual turnover of €20 million); where several locations or sites are concerned this shall apply for the participating location.
  • No too large enterprises with energy costs of more than €20 million.
  • Regional locations (maximum distance 150 km) simplify personal meetings and informal contacts
  • Cross-cutting technologies, e.g. compressed air, cooling, heat recovery, etc. account for a significant proportion of the energy demand. This overlapping is important for creating a common interest in exchanging experiences.


Acquisition normally starts with an information event during which all interested parties receive a project description and the letter of intent, giving them the opportunity to directly express their intention to participate. Companies not able to decide immediately should be granted further consultancy in the form of individual talks.

Tips for acquisition

  • Use existing network structures
  • Personal company visits and contacts often lead to success but are cost-intensive
  • Limit the acquisition phase to a maximum of 6 months as otherwise early deciders might change their minds
  • Directly clarify possible conflicts of interest where companies from the same industry sector are concerned
  • Use the profound experience of LEEN GmbH



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