Who is involved in a LEEN network?



We, LEEN GmbH, take care of the certified basic and further training of moderators and consultant engineers for the energy efficiency networks. In addition, we attend to the LEEN Management System by developing and improving investment calculation tools and supplying materials and teaching aids for establishing, organising and implementing networks according to LEEN minimum requirements. In this way, we ensure the quality and success of the networks. Furthermore, we offer our support for the entire network process to the network host as a service.

The companies and organisations

The participating companies and organisations cooperate closely with each other and with the network team to identify savings potential, implement new solution approaches and evaluate the effect of implemented measures. They form a know-how pool within the scope of the network meetings by sharing experiences and knowledge with one another. This active cooperation is an essential success factor.

The network host

The network host is the contracting party and project manager with overall responsibility acting on behalf of the participating companies, the consultant engineer and the moderator. In general, the network host will be an energy utility or a public institution such as a municipality or a CCI. The host recruits the network participants and manages schedules, budgets, invoicing and controlling. The host commissions the external parties involved in the project, such as the consultant engineer and the moderator, and takes care of project-related public relations.

The moderator

The moderator conducts the network meetings, prepares and follows them up, and informs the companies. The moderator is the contact partner for the companies and promotes the direct exchange of experiences among the network participants. Moderators have considerable experience in moderating and are LEEN-certified, i.e. they are familiar with the modules of the LEEN Management System.

The consultant engineer

The consultant engineer carries out the energy review and the monitoring. The consultant engineer supports the moderator in finding experts for the technical lectures and serves as technical contact. Consultant engineers have sound experience in providing energy consultancy services for the industrial sector and are LEEN-certified, i.e. they are familiar with the modules of the LEEN Management System. The consultant engineer has a holistic approach to energy flows within a plant and names technically and economically evaluated optimisation measures, from which the companies’ savings potentials are derived. This forms the basis for determining the joint target for energy and CO2 reduction for the network.


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