Phase 2 | Network


Network meetings

Besides the energy review, the network meetings are the central instrument of the learning energy efficiency networks. They take place on a regular basis – usually every 3 to 4 months – at one of the participating companies. The first meeting, which − according to experience − the companies attend with strong expectations, is the kick-off event for the network. The network team’s task is to convey the structured course of the network activities to the companies right from the start.

The first network meeting is held to

  • find out what the companies’ expectations are,
  • determine the rules for participation within the network (punctuality, no external interference, confidentiality),
  • create the organisational basis for the network’s course (schedule for the following 12 months with energy reviews and network meetings),
  • determine the topics for the next meetings in coordination with the companies.


The other network meetings comprise

  • a tour of the host plant to give the participants an overview of the energy situation there,
  • the technical lectures by external experts,
  • the exchange of experiences on implemented measures,
  • once a year, a presentation of the results of the monitoring activities.


How you benefit

  • Development of an information network for pooling know-how
  • Professional moderation of the entire process
  • Exchange of experiences regarding the implementation of measures by the participants
  • Training of employees
  • Quality-approved experts (no promotional lectures)
  • Continuous support via a hotline



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