Energy Efficiency Networks in Western Balkan

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In June 2014, TESLIANUM and LEEN signed a strategic partnership agreement on energy efficiency for four countries in the Western Balkans: Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. The general target is a knowledge and technology transfer from Baden-Württemberg/Germany to the Western Balkans in the field of energy efficiency in industry (mainly SMEs).
The partners plan to implement a training program and Learning Energy Efficiency Networks (LEEN).

The official start of the project was in June 2015 with a term of 9 month, the complementiton was February 2016. Within the project, there were several travels and three day training for moderators and engineers in the City of Belgrade.

  • Serbia: Strategic partnership with TESLIANUM
  • Serbia: Cooperations, among others, with the universities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Kosovo: Partnership with Business Alliance Kosovo
  • Serbia: Training for 10 engineers and 6 moderators
  • Serbia: Start of the network with communities of Vojvodina region “LEEN Municipalities Vojvodina”
  • Serbia: Start of the network with companies of the City of Belgrade “LEEN City of Belgrade”

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Cooperation partners


Project organization

Logo Baden WürttembergMinistry of Enviroment, Climate and Energy Baden-Würtemberg
Principal, with financial support of State Ministry Baden-Württemberg


Strategical partner


Journeys within the project

Date Venue Contents
15/06/-19/06/2015 Serbia and Kosovo Company visits
28/09/-02/10/2015 Serbia and Montenegro Company visits and lecture at Forum Novi Sad “International Conference on Energy Efficiency”
21/10/-22/10/2015 Serbia Company visits, City of Belgrade
09/11/-11/11/2015 Serbia Training for moderators and consultant engineers
09/02/-12/02/2016 Serbia Visit Communities of Vojvodina-region and contract signing stratecig partnership with EICT
29/02/2016 Germany Project completion


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