What is LEEN GmbH?

LEEN GmbH is a joint venture between IREES GmbH and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V.
We develop and market the LEEN Management System. With it, we provide a tool for Learning Energy Efficiency Networks all over the world.

LEEN Dr. Dirk Köwener
Dr. Dirk Köwener

Managing Director

LEEN Mirko Krück
Mirko Krück

Managing Director


Our major tasks

  • Implementation of Learning Energy Efficiency Networks on behalf of the customer (network host)
    • Support with respect to acquisition
    • Management of the entire process during the lifespan of the network
    • Organisation of experts for papers and presentations
    • Carrying out the energy review and monitoring
  • New and further development of the LEEN Management System
  • Accompanying the certification process within the framework of DIN EN ISO 50001 or DIN EN 16247
  • Certified basic and further training of moderators and consultant engineers in the modules of the LEEN Management System
  • Training in the use of the investment calculation tools (LEEN tools) for cross-cutting and process technologies


Comliance document 50001 16247 Comliance document EEffG